All Hail King Julien - Netflix Series

Prop and set design for the All Hail King Julien show. Made by Dreamworks Television for Netlfix.

Colored Props

Prop Turnarounds 

Set - Submarine Interior

Set - Aye Aye Exterior

Set - Cactus House

2D Sequence - Background and Prop Design

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The Legend of Korra - TV Series 

Background paintings for Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra TV series. I did the paint only, the layout was created by another artist. 

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Armello - Indie Digital Board Game

A digital board game created by The League of Geeks. This is artwork for the in-game playing cards. UI overlays in final image not by me. 

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Disney Hidden Worlds - Hidden Objects Game

A hidden objects game made by Disney Interactive. The work I did is noted on each piece. 

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Chefville - Social Game

A cooking game made by Zynga. I designed dish and ingredient art, icons, and rough concepts for environments. 

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